John Paul Jones, Book and Music Information

Much of the information for this podcast came from the Pulitzer Prize winning “John Paul Jones: A Sailors Biography” by Samuel Eliot Morison.

John Paul Jones


Scott Martelle’s,  “The Admiral and the Ambassador” focuses on the quest to find and return the remains of John Paul Jones to a suitable place of honor.

By Scott Martelle The Admiral and the Ambassador: One Man’s Obsessive Search for the Body of John Paul Jones


The US Naval Institute’s (February, 2012) “The Resurrection of John Paul Jones”, by Captain Patrick Grant can be found here:

The Resurrection of John Paul Jones


The music played at the beginning and end of the podcast is “La Reine de la Mer, by John Philip Sousa.  It is in the public domain, more information below.

La Reine de la Mer, by John Philip Sousa


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One thought on “John Paul Jones, Book and Music Information”

  1. A fantastic life! Jones’ single minded drive for recognition and validation comes through. He certainly found his way to glory, a poor boy with no connections, as others did in that time period. I think of Captain James Cook, a less belligerent sort, but equally determined to make a name for himself. A life at sea was the way out. Good work!

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