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Herman Melville (Volume 2, Episode 9, Part 2)

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Melville’s Massachusetts Home-Arrowhead
Herman Melville, Last Photograph, Mid-1880’s
Elizabeth Shaw Melville, Later In Life

Herman Melville (Volume 2, Episode 9) Bibliographical And Music Information

Much of the material for this podcast came from:

Herman Melville: His World And Work, by Andrew Delbanco

Melville: His World and Work


Also: Herman Melville A to Z: The Essential Reference To His Life And Work

Herman Melville A to Z: The Essential Reference to His Life and Work (Critical Companion) by Carl Rollyson (2001-01-03)


Music selections for this podcast included:

Erik Satie: Gymnopedie Number 3, by Kevin MacLeod 


Waltz of the Renegade by Art of Escapism

Ted Ngoy, The Donut King Of Southern California, (Volume 2, Episode 8)

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Ted Ngoy’s First Donut Shop, La Habra, California
Ted and his wife, Suganthini, with Richard Nixon
Ted Ngoy in Cambodia, 2017

Ted Ngoy, The Donut King Of Southern California (Volume 2, Episode 8) Bibliographical Information

The information for this podcast came from two articles:

“Dunkin’ and the Donut King”, November 2, 2014, California Sunday Magazine.

“Dunkin And The Donut King”

Also, “From Sweet Success To Bitter Tears”, January 9, 2005, Los Angeles Times.

“From Sweet Success To Bitter Tears”

The music played during the intro and conclusion is “Why”, ¬†by McNorman.

“Why” by McNorman





Frida Kahlo (Volume 2, Episode 7) Part 1

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Frida Kahlo Photographed By Her Father
Frida and Diego Rivera
La Casa Azul
Frida and Diego Rivera’s House With Separate Residences

Frida Kahlo (Volume 2, Episode 7) Part 2

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Trotsky In Mexico
Trotsky’s Study And Assassination Location, Mexico City
Frida Painting In Bed
Frida’s Four Poster Bed, Frida Kahlo Museum
Frida’s Life Mask, Frida Kahlo Museum
La Casa Azul Today, Frida Kahlo Museum

Ian Fleming, Creator of James Bond (Volume 2, Episode 6, Part 1)

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Ian Fleming, Naval Intelligence
Muriel Wright, The real “Bond Girl”
Ann Charteris, before her marriage to Fleming
Fleming’s Home, Goldeneye, Jamaica


Fleming with his first novel, Casino Royale

Ian Fleming, Creator of James Bond (Volume 2, Episode 6, Part 2)

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Ian Fleming, with his first novel Casino Royal
Blanche Blackwell
Sean Connery, Amsterdam, during “Diamonds Are Forever”
Ian and Anne Fleming, later in life
Caspar Fleming, far left
Grave of Ian, Anne and Caspar Fleming, Sevenhampton