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Robert E. Lee (Volume 2, Episode 10, Part 1)

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Robert E. Lee, 1845, With Son
Robert E. Lee’s Wife And Daughter
Thomas J. (Stonewall) Jackson, Photo Taken Only Weeks Before His Death
Lee and Jackson Commemorative Stamp, With Lee’s Ancestral Home, Stratford Hall

Robert E. Lee (Volume 2, Episode 10, Part 2)

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Arlington House, Occupied By Federal Troops, 1864
Robert E. Lee and His Horse, Traveller
Robert E. Lee, by Matthew Brady
Mary Lee, In Old Age
Washington and Lee University Commemorative Stamp
Robert E. Lee Chapel on the Campus of Washington and Lee University
View From Arlington House Today

Robert E. Lee (Volume 2, Episode 10) Podcast Book And Music Information

Two books were essential during the recording of this podcast: Robert E. Lee: A Biography by Emory M. Thomas

Robert E. Lee: A Biography


Also, Lee: The Last Years, by Charles Bracelen Flood

Lee: The Last Years


Music used during the intro and outro included:

The Return To War, by The Art Of Escapism


In Shadows, by William Ross